Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A few years ago, I "found" this stamp company while surfing the internet.  It is called Hanglar and is based in Norway.  People images being my favorite stamp type, I instantly fell in love with these adorable images.  Coloring them is a delight, and they make up into great cards!  Unfortunately, they were unavailable for purchase to the United States.  You had to be in Norway or Sweeden and from what I understand, they had to be paid for in the local currency.  Woe was me!!!  I was able to get a few stamped images from an online Norweigan friend, but that was only a temporary "fix."  I would check to see the new images that I could NOT get, and convince myself that I was lucky that I could at least get some of the Magnolia brand which are somewhat like these. Much to my amazement, and bringing tears to my eyes, I was given a "Christmas" stamp set from a dear friend.  I don't know how she did it (she does have family in Scotland?) but imagine my surprise when I opened the package to find some of the longed for Hanglar images. Thanks, Kirsteen. you're the best!  It was a dream come true, and something I had never even imagined.

 Then one sunny morning, I received an email in a language I could not understand.  I figured it was some sort of spam and didn't pay attention. (wrong move)  Then a couple months ago, when checking Hanglar for new images, much to my amazement, there had been a trememdous change.  It was then that I realized the email was to notify me that they were now selling the stamps to customers here in the good ole USA!!!  I immediately selected a set, went through checkout to PayPal, and in about ten days or so, the stamps were in my hot little hands!!  The set I chose was called "Attitude" and has three girl images.  This is my favorite (today, anyway)--I like her bold stance.  You will see the other two images in days to come.


Annette said...

Well she is adorable... love it..

Bubbles said...

A craft item NOT available in the USA? I'm gobsmacked! *lol*
I envy the choice and prices you have in America... over here in the UK it's limited, the paper choices are dire - Prima flower papers and BoBunny Christmas papers and stamps are almost impossible to get hold of - and then, when you do find them, they're usually at least £1 for a 12x12 sheet!... and I wish we had a Micheals ... I so wanted the lenticular stickers they had last halloween with the changing portraits :(

Love the image - it's truly gorgeous, and so cute :)