Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sewing on cards is really popular right now.  I had never tried it.  Mostly because my sewing machine was upstairs in a closet and my craft room is downstairs.  (serious laziness here)  Then one bright morning last week when I awoke to the monotonous Texas heat, I had a "lightbulb" moment. NO WAY was I going to leave the house and go forth in the 100 plus degrees that was just waiting to put me in a bad mood when I walked out the door.  I am a Michigan girl, and this heat is just not normal.  Although I have been officially a "Texan" since the  early 1980's, I still cannot accept  the onset of football season when it is more than 50 degrees outside! As Mammy told Miss Scarlett in Gone With The Wind, "Ain't fittin'!  Just ain't fittin'!"  Anyway,  I decided it would be a great time to try something new (for me anyway).  So I dusted off the sewing machine (used exactly twice, to make curtains) and dragged it downstairs to my craft room where it is now stashed under a table but close at hand for those card sewing emergencies I am sure to have.

Before stitching on my papers, I roughed up the edges with a little pink tool from Heidi Swapp that is made just for this purpose.  I think I could also use the edge of a scissors, but this tool was just too cute not to buy a few years ago, and I am so happy to finally use it!  I found that the sewing went quite smoothly.  I am usually very competent when it comes to the bobbin thread making a HUGE mess on the back side, but for some unknown reason, that didn't happen!  With my confidence now in overdrive, I bravely decided to mix it up a bit and used a different, much smaller, stitch on the second piece of paper. Voila!  Success was mine!  My lines were even fairly straight, although I have seen on some cards "straight" really isn't an issue.

With my stitching completed, I boldly proceeded to put them to use on a card.  Not wanting to overshadow my magnificent (at least I think so) stitching, I made the rest of the card pretty simple. So there you have it--my very FIRST stitched creation.  Papers are Cosmo Cricket and the sentiment is Stampin' Up.


Sue Lelli said...

5am??? Really???? And such a BEAUTIFUL card! LOVE th epapers and the colors and the PERFECT bow! But most of all LOVE the stitching! Trust me - NOW you are going to want to sew on almost EVERY card! GORGEOUS!

Cathie Lobpries said...

Bev, how brave of you to stitch. I can't even thread a sewing machine! This is a beautiful card and lucky the receiver of this design. The colors are great, and I love the design.

Annette said...

beautiful card..

sandy said...

Don't know if I would want you to make me an outfit (lol)
No really...great card. I wouldn't have known you couldn't sew. The card is very pretty.