Monday, June 17, 2013

The Last of the Templates

These are the last of the Stampassions template cards.  This one is a pocket card.  The little tag goes in the red pocket on the front.  Then it opens up to reveal the inside which is just as pretty as the outside!
I apologize for the blurry pictures, as the batteries in my camera died, so I had to use the camera on my phone.
This is a venetian blind card.  I didn't think I would get it finished, as it took me about three hours to figure out how to thread the thing!  It is a good thing I put eyelets in the holes, as it has been threaded and re-threaded numerous times.  I finally figured it out, however.  When you pull the two chords at the same time, the blind goes up to reveal a sentiment,

There is one more template (there are more than I thought) and it makes a little lamp shade that fits over a wine glass.  I don't know if I will get that one posted or not.
CAN'T WAIT to see what my stamp buddies do with these templates.  We have so much talent in our club--they are an awesome group of ladies.

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Sue Lelli said...

Man, you have a LOT of templates! They are all so interesting and FAB! I can't even imagine threading that blind! YIKES, Bev! But it is worth it!