Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Greetings to You

Found a couple of these pretty roses that I thought were all gone.  What a pleasant surprise.  My friend Sue Lelli found them on one of her trips to Florida before she DESERTED us and moved there! (sticks tongue out)  They are from Prima and I love the color and the size.  The frame is a Spellbinders that I hardly ever use and the border is Martha Stewart.   Not sure about the paper, as I took all my 6 inch and under papers  out of the packages and pads and have them in a box on my desk.  Finding things when I need them is not always an easy task in my room.  After so many years of stamping/scrapping/collecting, I have acquired quite a roomful of STUFF. Try as I might, it is never neat and tidy and in a perfect world, I would have it all arranged in alphabetical order on shelves or in files or plastic drawers.
This is only a portion of the room.  On the flip side is my sewing machine, a wall of jars with embellishments and a walk in closet full of stuff.  Pathetic, I know.  I blame it all on my friends, who are fantastic ENABLERS. :o)  I do love my wood floor because I can zoom around the room and get whatever I need IF I can remember where it is!!!! 

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Sue Lelli said...

I can just picture you zooming around on that wood floor in your HUGE room full of stuff we enabled you to buy! Aren't you glad I moved??? PRETTY card! LOVE the fancy die cut and pretty colors, Bev!