Saturday, January 30, 2010

Card Tin

Last week we went over to my daughter's house.  My husband went to the park with the grandkids.  Later when we were on the way home he realized that he didn't have his wallet.  We went back to my daughter's and tore her house apart--no wallet.  Checked out the park--no wallter.  Went to the restaurant we had lunch and nobody there had found a wallet.  I told my husband he had better call the bank, but he wanted to wait until morning.  Well, after a sleepless night, he got a phone call from a VERY nice lady who had found his wallet.  He was beyond haappy.  He sstopped at the bank and got some cash to reward her with.  She refused a reward, saying it was "nothing" and she was glad to help.  So, I have made her this small gift and we will hopefully drop it off this afternoon.  I happened to have a "blank lunchbox" that I got at Michaels and had not used yet.  I filled it with handmade greeting cards.  Hope she likes it!

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