Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

My thermometer says it is over 90 degrees at the moment.  It is only April!  I hope this is not a sign that the quickly approaching summer is going to be a hot one. Of course, this being Texas, it is a given that the summer will be long and hot.   Mr Piggy, from STAMP'N PLUS SCRAP'N, is keeping cool with his shades and a cold drink.  This will be me soon. Actually, I will probably be hibernating indoors in the air conditioning.  I don't do heat well unless I am in a swimming pool with a lemonade.


Kathy H said...

Cute! It's been cold here and even a little snow at night. Up here in WI. we hibernate inside in the winter and are outside mostly in the spring through fall, kinda opposite of you. :)

Bubbles said...

Hot here in South UK too... yet this time two years ago, it was snowing! Love your cool piggy card - he's so sweet *lol*

Susan.... said...

Good Morning beverly,
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Susan x